Blogcraft Is Looking For Writers - 4.14.2009

Some of you may remember Joe Zara. Joe (aka Phoee) was a bleeding edge raider in classic WoW as well as BC. While Sunwell was the top raid instance in the game, right before WotLK, Joe decided to bid farewell to WoW, and Blogcraft too as a result. Joe was known for his great knowledge in the raiding department of WoW; it came from his first hand experience there. Throughout his short time here, he made eleven high quality posts. It might be hard for anyone to live up to new expectations Joe created when he raised the bar.

With that said, I'm looking for someone to help me here. As you can see, as of late, I've been unable to post as frequently as I'd like. So, having another body creating posts alongside myself might help to keep Blogcraft's page more populated with posts.

I'm looking for anyone, preferably age 16+, that has a passion to write and thinks that he/she can bring something new to Blogcraft. I think it'd also be great to get someone, like Joe, that has great knowledge as far as the raiding game goes. I don't post a whole lot about endgame raid encounters because I'm not hardcore with it and I don't feel I'm qualified.

So, if you think that you have what it takes, e-mail me at with the following:

1. Your name or online handle. I know that some people don't like having their last name out there, so that's optional.
2. Your age. (This is also optinonal, but it's preferred that you let me know.)
3. Why you want this job.
4. What you plan to bring to Blogcraft.

So, apply now and I'll get back to all the people that follow the criteria. Good luck!

P.S. - Please know that you will not be paid for this job. It's just a fun little side-project next to real life. :D

-Matt Graham

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